You have entered the fictionary world of Jo Terry.

You will find a few ‘chambers’ here filled with work of art, mostly by me at the moment. But I would like to showcase illustrated artworks of other people, especially aspiring artists, in my gallery. (We’ll get to that in a few paragraphs.)

Currently, I have only put up my writings, both original and fan fictions. These are stories I come up with in between writing my novels, and contents and articles for other people.

The original fictions are inspired by snippets of the real-life stories of people around me or based on some of the dreams I had. Or both twisted together. They range from really short shots to teaser stories that I might expand into full-blown novels in the future.

You will see that there are more fan fictions here at the moment. These are works that were published on several fan fiction websites previously, which I have moved to this site. As with all fan fictions, you might want to see if my pairings are whom you’re shipping. Some people are open to just about any pairings, while others get seriously offended. Please read the disclaimer at the beginning of each of these stories before you get into the first chapters. Eventually — when I have the time to do so — I will convert them into original fictions.

As mentioned above, I would really love to showcase artworks by people I’ve met online all over the world, especially those in the same fandom as I am. If you venture a little into my pages here, you will see that I have one standard profile pic for all my stories. It looks like this:

Story Profile Pic - When you mess with fate

If you are a fan artist of BLEACH and you’ve read my fan fictions, I would really appreciate it if you could come up with an illustration based on your own perception of my stories. You can send your watermarked artwork to me via email (check out ‘Gallery’ for more information on this) and I will include it on this site, credited to you. Who knows, you might even get an illustration gig offer from one of my visitors?

If you’re here to read my stories, please write a review because it has always been a pleasure to know what other people think of my writing and story ideas. Fictionary Jo is where I leave my written work out for the public to critique so I can improve on my story-telling.

Glad you’re here and I hope you’ll have a great time reading.